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why groov?

You look great in your shoes: confident, ambitious, graceful, strong. You deserve to feel great in them, too.

groov insoles are custom molded to cradle your feet, like a hug for your sole. No longer is well-fitting footwear just a matter of length -- with groov, you stand your ground.

The you insole, by groov, is made with only one customer in mind. In fact, each specific pair is made for two separate, unique feet.

The contract is simple: Treat your feet right, and they won't hurt. The process is as easy as downloading the groov app, taking a quick scan of your feet, mixing in a bit of computer magic, and voila!

Move with groov and get yours on today!

Custom makes all the difference. Don't take our word for it, take theirs.

NBA players unwilling to part with their custom insoles


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